Our Journey

CIMI officially kicked off in 2012, and in 2013 hosted the first ever 5k race for women in Managua, Nicaragua on April 20, 2013. Partnering with local charities and country wide track and field organization we had 254 participants, 95% of the women who entered, officially ran the race and yes, finished. The range of ages were from 9 to 62 years old. Since that time we've hosted the event every year paying for the registration cost, providing shirts, medals, medical support and official results.

CIMI has hosted 5k running events for women in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 in Nicaragua and California� funding the entire event including medals and shirts for all participants, orchestrating the venue with local police and running teams. We charge a nominal entry fee of $2 - $4 for participants. We witnessed the confidence gained by the young girls and women who achieved their 5K goals. For most of the women who ran or walked this event it was their first ever 5k race. We have also provided volunteers for other organizations who support programs with goals similar to CIMI such as the Girls to Women in Palo Alto that sponsor a 5k walk/run event.

CIMI, Inc. anticipates sponsoring yearly running events, training and educational health programs to support girls and women gain confidence through running and other physical activities.

By 2015 we were able to upgrade the venue to one of the most beautiful tourist location in Managua Puerto Salvador Allende for Free, sponsored by the Tourist Police.

By 2016 the Nicaragua 5K race has grown to have 630 participants of men and women. We actually sold out all spots! Continuing our partnership with Homenajue La Mujer Nicaraguense (get official name here). The scope of the race has expanded with both men and women now participating and our age group has widened to ages 7 to 78!

Through generous donations in 2016 and fund raising events we were able to do 2 additional things along with the Nicaragua 5K runs. The first, is funding for an integrated program for people with disabilities. This is an educational program called Road to Progress, for young women who need individualized attention. The program works to integrate these young women into society by giving them social and living skillsets to be more independent.

Second, in February 2016 we met with over 60 parents and established a mentoring and running program with Washington Elementary School in San Jose California. A highly diverse school primarily hispanic ages 5 to 12 we held our first 5K walk-a-thon in June with 27 families participating. On December 5th, we completed our second 5k walk/run race providing medals and shirts to every participant. CIMI provided running shoes and running clothing throughout the fall program.

CIMI also provided a 2016 Holiday gift giving and family matching program for many families at Washington School.

We kicked off our 2017 programs in March at Washington elementary focused on another 5K race and hosted the annual race in Nicaragua on March 4th. The 2017 V Edition, the 5th Nicaragua Race was another CIMI story success. We had over 600 pre-registered runners and walkers. Another several hundred people showed up on race day to run the race! We believe approximately 1000 in total participated, unfortunately, Aracely could not record all the personal data for the same day registrants the morning of race day. 70% of the participants were women, 34% men. The oldest women was 64 and the youngest was 8 years old. Every participant received a winners medal, a runners bag and a big hug at the finish line from Aracely!

The people in Nicaragua's, enthusiasm for the race continues to expand with great expectations for ongoing yearly events. We had 100% support from the media and the sponsors Coca Cola and Zepol Deportista each juggling to be the primary sponsor for the starting line.

The March 18, 2017 San Jose Virtual CIMI 5K race also was a big success. The December 5k race was still fresh in the school's mind so we had great participation. Washington Elementary School was the starting line for the 5k run/walk. All participants received a race shirt, a race bag and a finisher's medal. Again, at no cost to our runners/walkers. We'd like to thank the donations we received: Running shirts from Brazen Races and Runners Bags from Zepol Deportista. We also received 4 entries donated from SJFit for their 2017 half marathon training program!! The runners were selected from the March race participants.

CIMI has been able to touch the lives of hundreds of people instilling accomplishment, confidence and hopefully a newly found love for an ongoing active lifestyle.

Our fundraising efforts primarily come from our twice a year Silent Auction and now with our newly established Go Fund Me page we are expanding our reach. Our goals in 2017 is to find new ways to reach a bigger donor audience so we can continue to expand our programs in both Nicaragua and in Washington Elementary School.