On Summer 2017 CIMI stablished a partnership participation with to the Computer History Museum for a day of Boot Camp on Design_Code_Build. Our goal is to expose underprivileged demographic of San Jose Girls to technology and provide them with an opportunity to excel. we've funded travel expenses, and with the help of the volunteers and Chaperones our first program was 100% successful.

I traveled with the 18 Girls. 67% of the Girls were from aCE Inspire Middle School and the 33% from other middle schools. These middle schools are 100% Spanish communities, 100% are Latino students and 94% are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch Program.

Before Design_Code_Build boot camp, I asked the Girls how comfortable they felt about computers. Almost all the girls know how important technology is for their future, but only 2 out of 18 girls have a computers at home. They only use computers at school for about 1 or 2 hours a day for homework and/or other projects.

After the Design_Code_Build boot camp, 99% of the girls told me two things they got out the boot camp. Which were learning how to code and working together in a project presentation. We accomplished our goal and we are very encouraged to continue with this program to the next level! I also asked the Girls if they would like to continue to learn how to Code, 16 of 18 girls said “YES!”.

Brief thoughts from the kids of the day

“I learned a whole lot of stuff today. From Learning how to code to learning how music first became digital…”

“Two things I liked about the trip was how we used the raspberry app and made commands. I also liked the loops in the commands it was hilarious and fun”

“Something I liked about the trip was the raspberry pie. I like that we got to see how coding works.”

“Two things I like about this trip was the A-mazing activity and the raspberry pie activity. We got to learn about programming and how to make songs with code”.

“I really love how, with just a few buttons you can make a computer make music!”

“Two things I liked about the trip is that I learned about car crashes and coding. It was fun and I learned a lot”

“I liked the part that were we had to put together a computer”

“Two things I liked about this trip was that I learned how to do use raspberry product on a computer. Another thing I liked was that we learned about the old computer from the passed.”