Aracely Areas President and Founder of CIMI

President and Founder of CIMI - Aracely Areas

I had a dream for empowering women through exercise and encouraging young women to stay in school to achieve their dreams. I came to live in the US as a young woman going back to visit my country and reconnect with my family yearly. On my March 2012 trip to Nicaragua, I saw girls as young as 10 years old on the street corners and at traffic stops cleaning car windows in hopes of getting some money. These girls are not attending school because they are trying to make money to support their family. I empathize with them because I too, started working at the age of 7, going door-to-door and selling oranges and vegetables. My motivation at that time was to buy books to go to school because I wanted a better life for myself. I am blessed because I got that; now I want to give something back so CIMI was born. I want to show those girls that there is a better future if they go to school. And because every young girl's first role model is their mother, I also want to show older ladies that they can improve their outlook and quality of life and their health by exercising through running, walking or dancing. Running has been a motivation for me, and a huge influence in my life. I am pleased to be the Race Director for the Carrera International de la Mujer in Nicaragua.

Vice President - Jennifer Millier

VP - Jennifer Millier

Jennifer is a passionate supporter for the empowerment of women and young girls. She has served on the Professional Business Women of California as an Advisory Board Member, a Board Appointed Diversity Council Member at Hewlett Packard and active in many mentoring activities. She is an avid runner, hiker and outdoor lover. She ran her first marathon when she was 45 and fell in love with distance running. Blending both her passions of mentoring and running in joining the CIMI team was natural for her. Retired executive, Jennifer has over 30 years of high technology experience.

Treasurer - Rob Millier

Treasurer - Rob Millier

Director - Esmail Rahimian

Director - Esmail Rahimian

Secretary - Judith Propp

Judith Propp is an outdoor enthusiast who started running in 2006 when she joined a local walking program sponsored by Kaiser-Permanente, Santa Clara. Early in the program one of the coaches convinced her to join the run-walk-run group and she completed her 1st half marathon on her 51st birthday. She has continued to run and support other women runners, encouraging her friends and family to join her at races and on training runs. In 2014 she joined CIMI founder Aracely Areas in Managua, Nicaragua for the 2nd annual CIMI race for women.